Are you ready to finally say goodbye belly fat?

If yes, this 12-week hybrid group coaching program
is designed to help you lose your belly fat once
and for all.

I need this

Yes, you can lose belly fat!

You know that weight loss is possible because you’ve done it countless times before. But right now, it just feels hopeless. You feel like every time you take 2 steps towards your goals, it feels like something always happens and you are back to where you started or worse. 😩 You wonder will you ever like what you see in the mirror again.


You’ve spent WAY too much time counting calories and searching for the perfect plan that will take all your weight problems away and make it to feel effortless. You’re tired of thinking “is this good/bad ” "how many grams of x does this food have" do we even want to talk about the constant feeling that you are always struggling to stay consistent. 🥴

Right now, you are stuck between I’ve tried everything, should I just give up, to feeling like I know in my bones that there is something that can help me if I could just figure out what the hell is it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

You see other women around you are having the success that you wish you could claim for yourself. You see these women, eating carbs with abandon, enjoying a glass of wine or wearing a bathing suit 👙without a strategic cover up.

You wonder will this ever be you again? 🧐

Nope, I want to lose belly fat

🛑Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself:

❓how would your life change if you could finally lose the belly fat and finally feel good in your body again?

Because right now, you’re struggling wondering how many calories you should be eating, do you need to have more discipline, can I lose this pooch and finally stay on track forever!

You've been on a quest for the perfect plan, but lately it's becoming obvious that you can't keep going this way without losing your sanity! You're already at peak restriction with food and exercise - so what else is there to do? It may be time switch things up.

When you’re honest with yourself, you know that their a better solution, if you could only find it!

🥰Good news: (you’re right. There’s a way, and this is it) 😉

I enjoy working with Kim because she has the crazy ability to be direct without being curt or hurtful. When
I need to just get over myself, she has a wonderful sense of humor that makes me laugh and let it go.
I know when I have a lot going on in my life,
I can tell her what's up and she will work with me to figure out the best way to make it happen without making me feel stressed about my workouts or eating.

—Jessica H.

Kim is an amazing person, she helped me to break a cycle that I was unable to break. She taught me to think in a positive way and gave me simple tips that I could easily do, and the weight started failing off.

—Sheryl D.

Kim is a fantastic trainer! She listens to what kind of results you want, and tailors a workout to your personalized needs and level of fitness.  She always finds a way to keep you engaged and change up the routine. I always leave my workouts feeling energized and like I did something! I highly recommend her, especially if you want to see results!

—Keely C.

I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like what I saw

About 5 years ago, I was packing on about 10 pounds a year (mainly in my stomach area). I went to my doctor because clearly something was wrong. Well she patted me on the hand and told me that it was probably menopause and I should basically suck it up to stop eating sandwiches. 🤬

I knew it was more than just eating sandwiches. So I went to work and started to figure it out. That’s why I created The Belly Fat Code – a 12-week program that will finally help you lose the belly fat for good.

This is for you if you are tired of the belly fat holding you back.

By the end of the Belly Fat Code you'll:
👉 to better understand your choices so that belly fat begins to melt away,
👉 be better prepared to stay on track to get long term lasting results
👉 Finally see changes in your belly fat, and feel more confident as a result.

Plus, over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll get BOTH one-on-one private strategy calls as well as bi-monthly group coaching calls with me where you and I can troubleshoot any challenges and celebrate your successes together.

Sounds like just what you need? Here’s what you get when you sign up. You won’t regret it. 👍         

The Belly Fat Code

Step into your power and get the body you want! I'll show you how to identify the root causes of belly fat -- then create a personalized plan that works for YOU. Together, we can conquer this challenge and make sure it's not just temporary success but lasting transformation that sticks around forever. You'll get:

(3) Monthly Private One on One Check Ins

You and I jump on a call to take your BFC framework up another level! We'll talk for about 15-30 minutes, we'll make sure it perfectly fits your individual needs.
(Value: $600)

(6) Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Every other week as a group we'll hop on a Zoom call where I'll be providing guidance to help you apply the BFC curriculum to your own unique situation. Plus, feel free to ask any questions that come up - this is a safe space for honest dialogue! (Value $1200)

Belly Fat Code Curriculum

Using my 3-step signature framework, you'll discover YOUR root cause(s) of why you have that pesky belly fat so that you can create an actionable solution that works for YOU! Let me help equip you with tools to achieve long last sustainable success!

Do you want to finally get a handle on that stubborn belly fat? With the BFC Curriculum you'll uncover how you can make smarter food choices, create a powerful daily action code and finally get consistent -all at once. Don't let your health and fitness goals go unfulfilled any longer-- join me on this journey now and be transformed!

Additional Support

In the Belly Fat Code, I want you to:
💫 Feel supported and encouraged in your weight loss journey.

💫 Meet likeminded women who are on the same journey as you and are there to will help you stay on track.
💫 Find inspiration all around you so you are putting all your focus on feeling motivated

Plus I have additional several tools that can help you stay in touch with your new community and me.

➡️Volley access – I know Facebook isn’t for everyone it’s an app where you can leave me an audio, video or text-based message. (I will reply to you within 24 hours (M-Th)

➡️ Facebook group – I know that downloading apps isn’t for everyone, so you can do the same thing via Facebook. I will reply to you within 24 hours (M-Th)

➡️ Private site where Belly Fat Code key learnings will be housed

➡️ Access to my monthly fitness mentorship group Fit Girl Magic Society where you will find monthly workouts, private podcasts and at least 20 recipes (traditional and plant based) (Value $4200)

This is for me
One time payment 

Here's the Belly Fat Code framework:

Phase One: Choices
Finally understand why you haven't been able to lose weight before

✅ Understanding the four ways your mind sabotages your weight loss efforts

✅ Learn what to measure for health other than the scale so that you can truly assess what is going on in your body - to finally get lasting results

✅ Finding the meals that make you feel satisfied without being stuffed and/or bloated

✅ Less reliance on exercise to lose the weight so that you can finally balance and stabilize your hormones

Phase Two: Code
Learn how to make healthy habits stick

Build new habits easily and manage expectations with the pieces of Belly Fat Code framework



Creating a set of healthy guidelines that work for your life no matter how busy you are or how old you are


Learn how to stay metabolically flexible and avoid and/or stopping the dreaded "metabolic slowdown." 


✅ Get a comprehensive review of lifestyle factors that have derailed your success in the past and what to do about it.

Phase Three: Consistency
Feel more confident and capable in your ability to achieve your goals.

✅ Easily create your own personal assessment so that you can tell what’s going on with your body and how to adjust accordingly


✅ Have an easier time staying on track because it has become more like a given, and less like a struggle


✅ The importance of focusing one goal at a time so that you feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed, frustrated and burnt the F 🤬 out.


✅ Finally understanding that failures are indicators that you need to make a change, not a sign that it’s time to cut bait and move on to something entirely new.

How Do You Get Started?
Click below. Program starts Monday, March 20th
Choose to pay in full $997 or 3 easy payments of $350


When I joined the Belly Fat Code I was looking for a way to figure out what this 40 something year old body needs to actually eat to get this weight off. I was worried that this would be yet another thing I couldn’t stick with. I decided to join because I wanted to improve my eating habits and lose some inches — come on who doesn’t ever want to lose a few inches. I really liked that Kim helped me to understand ME! I’ve spent for to many years searching the for “answer” for the “good food” list.
In the Belly Fat Code Kim helped me to understand how to keep eating the foods I love and still be social with my friends without feeling like I was always blowing it. 

I’m really excited because I struggled to find what “maintenance” looked like. I now have a series of tools to use that keep me satisfied with my food choices, while still having some fun. -- Angela M.

Very useful tools for clear focus on weight loss and health for this particular age. I was able to go through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, a vacation and two birthdays with much better exercise and active habits and without significant weight gain.

I did lose an inch from my waist
and a better measure for me is the pants size.  I am able to put on a new pair of slacks, zip up and could wear them, but they are tight, so I am encouraged to keep focused on this program.  I am still in the baggy larger size for a couple of weeks.

The best parts of the BFC program are the discussions about consistency versus perfection and the Non negotiables/Daily Nutrition Commitments.  Framed this way supports individual reflection of what will work for each person.  I just don't have bread before noon and sometimes not all day, which makes it easier for me to avoid boredom eating. Liza P.

When I joined the Belly Fat Code, I was looking for strategies to become more tone and lose weight around my hips and stomach area. I was skeptical because I’ve tried other programs that had calorie restrictions (less than 1,300 calories a day). I decided to sign up because I really enjoyed the posts and podcasts offered on Kim’s Facebook page.  I was excited to dig in and figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off.  Although food choices are a big part of weight loss, there are other factors such as stress management, exercise, self-care and sleep that play into the weight loss equation.  I highly recommend this program for woman over 40 years’ old that are looking for a new spin on weight loss/ management. -- Cheryl R.

When I joined the Belly Fat Code I was looking for a formula to get my belly fat off, but was worried about how difficult it would be and if my mind and hunger could get along or fight all the way. I decided to join because I knew I needed professional guidance and support, with Kim's wealth of knowledge, experience, and her passionate coaching style. She made it easy and not as daunting as I thought it would be. I’m really excited to differentiate when I am eating out of stress or boredom and to be able to enjoy the food I like without overindulging and be satisfied with my choices in meals. I highly recommend it for those looking for an easy yet effective way of understanding your relationship with food. Cynthia M.
Thank you Kim.

Imagine ...

🧐 Easily getting past your roadblocks and finally see lasting success
🧐 If you didn't have to diet or work out hours a day
🧐 If you could still eat the foods you love and still lose the belly fat
🧐 Finally no longer fearing opening your closet door knowing that you are able to wear any of the clothes and look great at the beach.
🧐 No longer fearing having 😜 with the lights on

👋Hi, I'm Kim

I’m a health and fitness coach who knows first-hand what it feels to have your body give you the finger. I was doing all the right things and the weight just kept creeping up.🫤

Just like you I felt  S T U C K. I used every diet trick
I knew and NOTHING! Let’s face it, I'm not 30 anymore. What worked for me back then was NOT working right now. 🤬

Frankly I was so sick of always micromanaging every little morsel that went in my mouth. Seriously, no matter how hard I worked the weight just hung on like a life sucking parasite. 🥴


I had to ask for help. I needed support because
I needed a new back of tricks! I needed to learn how to navigate my new body. While you would never say I wasn’t eating healthy, I was eating TOO much for my current lifestyle. 🤯


I learned how my choices impacted my body and the subtle shifts I needed to make to shake the belly fat for good. I worked to shift my all or nothing mindset so that I could better overcome roadblocks that in the past would have shut me down and left me off chasing yet another diet.

I finally found the courage to create a sustainable system that no longer left me seeking another meal plan or missing social events because the food on the menu wasn’t “on plan” or saying FUCK 🤬 it diet starts on Monday. 😏

This is for me

❌ If you’re looking for a meal plan, this simply isn’t for you.
You have to:

💚 Be ready to 🛑 stop blindly following a meal plan and start eating and living life on your terms
💚 Understand that to get unstuck you need to be okay with making changes that may/will feel uncomfortable
💚 Stop comparing yourself to past versions yourself realizing that you are no longer that person
💚 Be willing to apply the information learned in the Belly Fat Code and having faith in yourself that it will work when applied
💚 Be willing to learn how to pivot and navigate around your obstacles

I'm Ready

Cool, now I know you are thinking to yourself a few things…

Now is NOT the right time

Yup, I hear you. But let’s be honest with each other, is it ever the right time? Will life never slow down to what it looked like in Spring of 2020 – hell no! Thank GOD! Now is the time to FINALLY learn to navigate the busy.

In the Belly FatCode I will teach how to create your own healthy living non-negotiables that you can do no matter what is going on in your life. Traveling no problem, family visiting no problem, kids home sick, you're covered.

Here is where you tell yourself that it’s time to get over my 💩 and just go for it and learn a new way of living.

I’m not motivated to stick to something.

👋 That’s me too. I have shiny object syndrome and want what I want right NOW! Not sure who needs to hear this but, you think you need to be motivated to take action. Sorry to say motivation isn't going to come knocking on your door. Instead of looking for motivation in Belly Fat Code I'll teach you how to take small and thoughtful actions to keep the motivation train moving along, so that you don’t stop your energy and you keep moving forward towards your goal. 

I’ve tried EVERYTHING and been disappointed.🫤

Facts. I too have a graveyard of diet baggage. Hell I have a whole shelf of diet books. I get it, you feel like you’ve been dieting for like ever and when will you finally win this damn game!! You see, dieting isn't a game that you win.

It’s a strategy that you apply and tweak as your life changes. You've been disappointed before, yes, but that is because you’ve worked on someone else’s plan that doesn’t understand your life.

The “plan” assumes certain things about you that may or may not be true or only work when all the things in your life line up perfectly. Let’s be real, no one has a perfect life all the damn time.

That is why in the Belly Fat Code I teach you how to create your own strategies to stay on track so that you truly honor your personal preferences and your body’s physiology so that healthy living feels enjoyable and gosh darn it effortless.

This seems a bit expensive.

I can see why you may think that. Let me break it down for you, back when I was training in the gym, my group coaching cost $379/month and that was for 1 hour of my time/week. 

When you join Belly Fat Code, you will have access to me through our weekly calls (12 hours), monthly private phone calls (2 hours), daily access via Volley and/or a Facebook Group to ask me questions or to get feedback (15 hours).

Our time together works out to less than $12.00/day, which is about the cost of any salad at Sweet Green. Plus 😜 look at the Belly Fat Code as your down payment to your future self.

The one that no longer feels the need to be perfect. She easily knows WTF to eat to balance and stabilize her hormones no matter her age or how busy she is.

I’m just going to go back to what I have been doing.

Great, but can I ask you why do you have to go back? If it truly worked, you shouldn’t have to go back. The program should evolve with you. You should be given a way to tweak it so that it works for your life no matter what is going on. Let’s be honest with each other.

The one thing you will learn about me is that I like to keep it real. If you go back to something that you were doing and expecting different results or better results, I’m sorry you are going to be disappointed, frustrated and back to where you started looking for your another belly fat solution.

I searched for decades and did all the diets, but it wasn’t until I stopped dieting when I found my results and I found myself. Thank God!

There is SO much going on right now.

You are not alone. These days so much is happening all at once. Listen there will always be SOMETHING. Here is where I teach you how to make yourself a priority. You will create a realistic sustainable plan that no matter how busy you get you will also find a way to make time for YOU!  

Will I need to spend any extra money?

Not at all. This program doesn't require elaborate supplement routines, special food or special equipment. I will be teaching you how to eat, not telling you directly what to grocery shop for. 


What do I have to give up to do this?

Okay, so I totally harp on this but let me say it again: You should never feel deprived in your life. Ever. As humans, it sets us up for failure. So, you will NOT be swearing off your favorite foods. But what you will give up is the obsessiveness about food.

Full disclosure, though: You MAY need to give up your trigger foods (once you get into the Belly Fat Code, you’ll determine what they are) for a limited amount of time, until you’re confident in your ability to be around them.

Don’t stress, though: I will walk you through all of this.

Will I start losing belly fat right away?

As your body adjusts to new habits and routines, short-term fluctuations in weight aren’t uncommon. Depending on your body, you may notice a slight increase in weight before you start losing.

Don’t freak out - it’s only temporary when you follow the program. While yes, you will lose your belly fat the biggest shift you may experience is your approach to belly fat and weight loss. You’ll finally have a system that doesn’t involve deprivation.

During each phase you will learn to listen to your body and learn what it needs.

🕰The time is now...

Imagine being able to wear whatever you want without feeling self-conscious about your stomach. Imagine not having to worry about your health anymore because you have finally conquered your belly fat. That’s what I want for you – and I know that the Belly Fat Code can help make that dream a reality.

One time payment

Payment plan
3 payments of $247


Belly Fat Code starts Monday, March 20th