Getting Fit On Your Terms
Just Got Easier

Back in January you promised yourself, that this summer was your YEAR.

Well, this has been one hell of a year 🤯 and maybe your fitness goals got derailed.
Maybe you are feeling heavier and pudgier post lock down (sigh). That’s okay.
This is just a small set back. Don’t throw away another summer telling yourself.

❌ It’s too late

❌ You don’t have time

❌ You don’t need to know what to do

❌ You must be strict to get results so you'll wait till Fall

❌ Workouts must last hours in order to get results

❌ You must belong to a gym

Guess what? ❌ NONE of these are TRUE!

This is the year you kick the summer slide to the curb.

You know what I'm talking about. You are so pumped for summer all year long. You can feel the sun on your face, the sand between your toes. You hitting all the classes, eating your kale and then summer happens.

It starts slowly after Memorial Day and then when the kids get out of school that 9am Soul Cycle class doesn't happen every week, you tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow and tomorrow doesn't always come but the guilt sure does. You promise to double up and then you give up and tell yourself when the kids go back to school and you have more time for yourself you'll get back at it. Maybe you don't have kids and it's just the "busy" of the summer that pulls in so many directions workouts don't always happen.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this but depending on what "season" you are in your life you workouts and healthy lifestyle can and will look different. Maybe when summer comes those 1 hour workouts can't always happen, but how about at 15 or 30 minute one. Your new motto is something is better than nothing. Nothing makes you feel like crap and something makes you feel good

I don't know about you, but when I'm moving my body, I'm more likely to pay attention to my food and stay out of the "fuck it" spiral. You know when you tell yourself, you haven't worked out so why bother eating right. 🤷🏽‍♀️ You are NOT alone. Many women fall victim to this mindset.

Today is the day you break free!! Enter Beat The Summer Slide!

A 60 day healthy lifestyle transformation challenge that shows you EXACTLY how to stay consistent with your workouts this summer. For the next 60 days I invite you to join me so that I can help you to finally make you, your priority. Seriously you commit and plan for EVERYONE else, but you so why not take the time to commit to you! Plus, for the next 60 days you’ll have me to hold you accountable through weekly and daily accountability challenges.

💜 You’ll create a workout plan that works FOR you!

💜 You’ll create your non-negotiables (pact with yourself)

Beat The Summer Slide Includes:


(4) 30 day workout plans that will take 30 minutes or less and can be done at home or the gym


Weekly and daily accountability challenges

Private Facebook community for group accountability. It's also a place to share your victories, challenges or to ask any questions.

Prizes 🥳

Those who earn the most badges will be entered into a raffle to win one of 3 prizes


We start on July 13th
Only $27 for 60 days
($2.22/day, that's less than a cold brew at Starbucks)

Ready to see what you can achieve in the next 60 days!

Sign me up!

Hi, I'm Kim. 👋🏽

The founder of Fit Girl Magic. I'm from Boston, and while I might look like Health and Fitness Coach, I do so much more. I actually help women over 40 feel fit, comfortable and confident in their bodies.   

I have been told that I have a way of telling it like it is with love and practical advice. I have also been called tough talking -- salty talk 😜 I like to think I am a little bit of both (aren’t we all?).   

I like to live in a world where all women feel comfortable and free in their bodies. Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like getting you to believe in yourself.

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