How long have you been waiting to FINALLY feel, fit and confident in your body? 

When you wake up is your first thought “how can I not screw up today?”  

You desperately want to understand and figure out what will work for you and how the hell can you stick with it.  

Do you feel like you are holding yourself back from giving you the same level of importance that you give your husband and your kids when it comes to doing something for your health?  

You know what needs to be done, yet you keep coming up with excuse after excuse to not get it done. You want accountability and the best way to structure your health and fitness so that it works for you and your life. You are done running around with a chicken with your head cut off trying to create different meal plans and workout plans that just don’t work for you or your life especially in the long term.  

Sound like you? 

What if it could be different?

What if you could work with a health coach for a fraction of the cost?  

❓You finally felt like you had a sustainable that you could give you lasting results that didn't make you feel miserable.  

❓someone to point you in the right direction while supporting you on your journey

❓to remind myself that your self worth isn’t based on the scale. 

❓to be with a group of other women who get you. Think Weight Watchers minus that damn scale 

What is Fit Girl Magic Society --> 

It's a place that helps you to understand and figure out what will work for YOUR health and fitness and most of all HOW to stick with it for the long term. Plus the tools to live a life of freedom without the struggle of wondering are you doing the right things.

Sound amazing? 

What's included:

✔️ monthly themes based on nutrition, mindset, creating habits and sustainable exercise programs.

✔️ monthly exclusive podcast just for the group so that you can get in depth knowledge of a variety of subjects

✔️ 2 Zoom group coaching sessions so that you can get your questions asked and get out of your own way with support

✔️ 20 + recipes each month plus, (including vegan) meal plans and shopping list so you can easily meal prep and get variety into your nutrition.

✔️ monthly challenges based on strength, mobility and/or nutrition

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Membership will open Fall 2021