How to Hit Your Summer Weight Loss Goals While Still Having Fun!

Grab The Guilt-Free Summer Fit Guide where I spill all the beans

So, let’s think about this seriously for a minute.

You could spend the summer...

🧐 doing keto OR

🧐 chasing your tail trying to string 75 good days together doing the Hard 75 OR

🧐 always hungry eating only 1200 calories  

But you will still be left feeling like ...

❌ you have to be perfect to get results

❌ you wish you could feel freer in your body without all the sacrifice

❌ there is a fast fix just around the corner (which, newsflash, there isn’t!). đŸ˜©

If you are done asking yourself those tiiiiired old questions

Grab The Guilt Free Summer Guide where I spill all the beans!

Inside the Guilt Free Summer Action Guide, I break down EXACTLY how to enjoy your summer without ANY guilt or shame while still enjoying your summer!!!

If you're done relying on willpower and motivation!

Meet Kim.

My name is Kim Barnes Jefferson host of the Fit Girl Magic podcast and creator of the REPS Formula (tm). I help women over 40 break the healthy lifestyle rules to feel fit, confident and comfortable in their bodies.

I serve it with a side of real talk so that you are not left spinning your wheels. By the time clients are done working with me, they realize that it’s their strong habits that have led them to create repeatable routines that have ultimately given them the results that they have been seeking.

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