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How To Lose Body Fat Without Giving Up The Foods You Love!

The FREE 5 lesson Weight Loss Fundamentals Success Series is for women over 40 who feel like they always start diets with the best intentions but tend to fall off 🤦🏽‍♀️
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Ladies, this is your stick to it forever-healthy lifestyle.

So, let’s think about this seriously for a minute.

You could continue to ...

have a 🤬 relationship with food and your body OR

🧐 chasing your tail trying to string together 75 good days together doing the Hard 75 OR

🧐 always hungry eating only 1200 calories  

But you will still be left feeling like ...

❌ you have to be perfect to get results

❌ you wish you could feel freer in your body without all the sacrifice

❌ there is a fast fix just around the corner (which, newsflash, there isn’t!). 😩

If you are done asking yourself those tiiiiired old questions

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Inside the #foreverfatloss success series, I break down SIMPLE but important strategies to help you FINALLY find lasting results.

If you're done over complicating getting healthy!

Meet Kim.

My name is Kim Barnes Jefferson host of the Fit Girl Magic podcast and creator of the REPS Formula (tm). I help women over 40 fix their relationships with their body's and food so that stop repeating the same all or nothing patterns.

My coaching style comes with a side of real talk so that you are not left spinning your wheels.
By the time clients are done working with me, they realize that it’s their strong habits that have led them to create repeatable routines that have ultimately given them the results that they have been seeking.

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