Ready To Say Goodbye To Old School Meal Prep?

This guide was created as a practical how-to for women who don't want to eat all of their prepped meals out of plastic containers, and who also don't want to spend an entire day out of their weekend cooking chicken, broccoli, and rice for the next seven days.🙄

Meal prepping does NOT have to be that way! Yes, there is a simpler way. 🥂🎉

For the past 15 years I've been helping women navigate the world of meal prep through my experience I've found that women fall into one of these four categories on my Meal Prep Matrix (tm)

Which one best describes you?

▶️ FUNDAMENTALS -- a repeatable process with good weeks and bad weeks

▶️ DOMINATING -- finds peace in knowing you are doing your best

▶️ SCATTERED -- spends more time finding the "perfect" meal plan than actually making it

▶️ DISTRACTION -- wants to meal prep but you know "life"

I need this guide

This guide is for you if:

✅ If you are a FUNDAMENTALS on the meal prep matrix this guide is for you because it will help you develop a no fuss way to meal prep without spending hours in the kitchen.

✅ For those are are DOMINATING meal prep this guide will help you to become more efficient at it with more ways to plan, shop, cook and store your food

For my SCATTERED folks this guide will help you to become more consistent with your eating and meal prep by showing you how to plan and shop

Hey my DISTRACTIONS folks this guide is for you it will show you how to get started with meal prep and keep the momentum up

Even if you hate cooking and left overs. 😜

❌ This guide is NOT about filling tupperware and eating the same boring ass thing everyday!

Let's make a pact, no more slimy chicken ever!
I would love to help get your meal prep off to a running start.

PS -- I throw in a few recipes to help you get started. 😉

I'm Kim.
I live in Boston. I help women over 40 break the healthy lifestyle rules to feel fit, confident and comfortable in their bodies.
I serve it with a side of real talk so that you are not left spinning your wheels.

I run my own online nutrition and lifestyle coaching business. I'm all about taking simple actions and walking my clients through a simple framework that I call the REPS formula. It helps them build great habits, routines, consistency and ultimately results!