Reboot Perfection Master Class

When you are tired of obsessing over every detail about food or workouts. 

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Does this sound like you?

You want results, but you feel that the only way to get them is by being perfect. If you can't do it perfectly then what's the point? Sound familiar? That’s okay because that was my thinking for many years as well! I was a Perfect Pam! 

How about this one, this week will be on point - no doubt about that in your mind or anywhere else - and when one thing goes wrong again😤 bring on the pretzels crisps and the hummus! 

You hate the feeling of being so bogged down by your own perfectionism, but you can't see any way out? It's exhausting.🥴 But don’t give up! In this masterclass we're going to take a look at how to recognize and overcome that pesky little voice in your head telling you all sorts of terrible things about yourself 🤯

Join me for the masterclass where together we'll explore how perfectionism affects you and what steps can be taken to overcome it.

No more beating yourself up when you make even the tiniest of mistakes

✅ Enjoying life without feeling like you have to be perfect

✅ Overcoming the urge to overthink everything 

✅ Pushing yourself to try new things that may seem challenging or uncomfortable

This is for you if you are ready to finally create a healthy living process that is repeatable so that you can and finally stop feeling like all your time, effort and energy are being poured into something that never seems to work. 

Are ready to feel like you have a little control of your healthy lifestyle, then you will want to join me in this masterclass, it's live now.

Meet Kim.

My name is Kim Barnes Jefferson host of the Fit Girl Magic podcast and creator of the REPS Formula. I help women over 40 who feel like their body's gave them the finger break the healthy lifestyle rules to feel fit, confident and comfortable in their bodies. I serve it with a side of real talk so that you are not left spinning your wheels. By the time clients are done working with me they realize that it’s their strong habits that have led them to creating repeatable routines that have ultimately given them the results that they have been seeking.

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